SSVEP based BCI game with my hardware WEEG [Video]

on Wednesday, July 6, 2016
I would like to share the status of my work. This blog post contains a brief description of the system and a demo video of a Brain Computer Interface game. The subject control a game character by looking at different flickering target. The result was great. The game character moves at a decent pace. I will describe more about this system in comming posts.

- WEEG (version 3.2) : Wireless EEG recording device with ADS1299
- Bluetooth module: HC05 to handle wireless data transmission

- Signal acquitition: Matlab GUI. Major functions in the background: Serial port data acquitition, Ring buffer to balance the datastream, real-time FFT, real-time configrable FIR/IIR filter, data integrity checker, event marker, game controller, and other signal processing functions.
- Stimulation: Flickering stimulation at 4 frequency (6.6Hz, 7.5Hz, 8.75 Hz and 12Hz) by Psychtoolbox 3 ( I built this stimulation software from stratch). Highly recommend this tool box for precise timing experiment (with Matlab).
- Game: Mario maze game ( written on Python). This game communicated with the WEEG signal acquitition via TCP. Insprired by this game

EEG montage:
- Bias drive at Left Mastoid
- Differential measurement at 1 channel: 0z-02

1 Zhu, D., Bieger, J., Garcia Molina, G., and Aarts, R.M.: ‘A Survey of Stimulation Methods Used in SSVEP-Based BCIs’, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, 2010, 2010, pp. 12